This is a sample game for TeenyTiny DragonRuby MiniGameJam 2020 which asks participants to build a game that can be played in 20 seconds, using DragonRuby Game Toolkit.

How to play: 

When the game tells you to click on a coloured shape, click on it.

Try to get it right 10 times before the timer runs out. Don't make any mistakes!

That's all there is to it!

Feel free to copy and use any code in this game:

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withDragonRuby GTK
Tagsdragonruby, Game Jam, minigames
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


teenytiny-samplegame-windows-amd64.exe 5 MB
Version 3 Oct 01, 2020
teenytiny-samplegame-linux-raspberrypi.bin 5 MB
Version 3 Oct 01, 2020
teenytiny-samplegame-linux-amd64.bin 5 MB
Version 3 Oct 01, 2020
Download 3 MB
Version 3 Oct 01, 2020


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This hurts my brain >.<

Seems like it could be a fun minigame to throw into another.

Mission accomplished! Thanks for the comment. You're right. It gets easy if you play it for a while but forcing you to change your thinking by jumping into it from another game would make it tougher. An interesting thought to play with!


Yeah, I was thinking it could be a puzzle for a Legend of Zelda / puzzle platformer type of game. I could also see it in a sci-fi game. Jak and Daxter3  had some mini-games that I remember.


I love this concept as a brain-training sort of game! It would be fun to have a timed mode where you're forced to make quick decisions. 


Thanks BubblyOasis! I'm happy you liked it. 


Had a fun session! It's something I would definitely play on a phone (bec I'm not that fast on a PC haha). Increasing the number of colors and shapes after a certain number of correct points would add more challenge to it, too.


Thanks davidaika! Good suggestion. 


So seamless. Thanks for the brain workout, you dragon champion.

Thanks and you’re welcome and thanks!


Pretty good. Having multiple shapes be the same color could help increase the difficulty.

Thanks! You are very right. That may be in V2!


Cool use of the Stroop Effect! Good job!

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Thanks mauvellama! Now I know what it’s called 😀

Oddly very Fun! i won! 

:D thanks Matt!