Dear valued customer,

We are sorry that you found this game to be "too hard".

We have made every effort to ensure that this game is too easy and we apologise for any difficulty you may have experienced.

Furthermore, our reimbursement policy does not cover the computer peripherals you damaged in a "fit of rage".

Thank you for your understanding.

Use your mouse to control the game.
This game 'grabs' the mouse cursor. Press escape to release it.
For best results use Chrome or download the game below.

Comments about the game:

TOO EASY is NOT what it seems, there's nothing easy or simple about this mind-boggling adventure which requires you to follow what appears to be "easy" tasks before throwing a curveball and amping up the difficulty. Can YOU pass this test or will your head always hurt? Enjoy!
- BlueTheGamer93


  • Your mouse is (probably) not broken. 
  • Not every level requires you to click (look for clues).

This game was made for the 20 Second Game Jam using the sublime DragonRuby Game Toolkit.

Coding, music and graphics by me.

Playtesting and valuable feedback by Xed

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
GenreAction, Puzzle
Made withDragonRuby GTK
Tags20secondgamejam, 2D, Difficult, dragonruby, Fast-Paced, minigames, Mouse only, Short, Simple
Average sessionA few seconds


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congratulations! I knew you could do it

This game is STILL too hard!

What still??? Better not try the new game Too Hard then!


cool game tho


lies! this game is difficult (but good) 


Our random support response robot said:

Curses! You saw through our charade!


Lmao XD


I love it! It reminds me of “Pixel Rooms”. Great design and execution ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Thanks Michał! Really glad you enjoyed it.


I was fooled. This isn't easy at all !!

Nice :)


Our random support message response unit said:

We apologise for for this inconvenience. Early market research studies indicated that the name "TOO EASY" could mislead some players into thinking that the game is easier than it really is. However, extensive focus group testing indicated that nobody wanted play a game called "PAINFULLY DIFFICULT".

I cant tell if this is part of the game or theres a problem


It’s part of the game (probably, depending on what you’re talking about)

aaa sorry it looks like the image didnt get uploaded

here it is :

(1 edit)

Ah, if you’re using Chrome, you have to have 3rd party cookies enabled because itch serves game files from a different host

loved the concept, but i really wanted more than 20 seconds to finish it hahahaha


Thanks Gabriel! The first rule of showbiz is: always leave them wanting more :D

Unfortunately the image seems to be cut off in a way that I don't think was intentional.

Hi marnen, thanks for letting me know. Could you send me a screenshot and let me know what browser/operating system you're  using?

There has been an issue in the game engine I'm using related to some changes to the way that embeds browser games. It seems to be mostly fixed now but clearly there's at least one case where the problem still exists.

I'm using Chrome 106 on Mac OS. The lower edge of the frame is just about at the point of the down arrow on the first screen.

...and when I went to try to get a screenshot, this time it worked.

(1 edit)

Thanks. Weird about chrome mac having this problem because that's what I've been testing in. Resolution might make a difference though. Thanks for the info, I will pass it along.

Edit: by the way, if the issue prevented you from playing the game, I believe it will work if you hit the full-screen button in the bottom right of the game window. You may need to hit the escape key to reveal the real mouse cursor.


When I had the problem, it persisted in full-screen mode.

Good to know, thanks.

The engine issue was fixed a month or so ago and I'm not seeing any problems since then so I'm calling this one fixed. Thanks for your help in reporting it, marnen.


Very difficult and hard to get the hang of, but still fun! I love it :)

Thanks a lot Ryn!

Amazing game it's not too easy but it's alright :]

Thanks a lot! 

yw lol


XD This game is not too easy


Thank you for your message. Our automated random support response unit said:

Due to an ongoing shortage of easy, some parts of this game may contain hard. We apologise for the inconvenience.



Haha great audio work, simple gameplay, good amount of discovery and problem solving, what's not to love! Inspiring

Thanks a lot Jaden! Glad you liked it.

i love it

(1 edit)

Thanks steff!

This was a treat. Nice entry! Great concept for the 20s. I struggled to come up with one myself.


Thank you Mr. Tim! You have a whole 11 months to come up with something for the next 20 Second Jam!

Akzidenz nice game, maybe 'Push!' scene it's tricky at the first time, I saw the video of someone below to understand how to win that level

(1 edit) (+1)

Yes, the PUSH levels are definitely too hard and people end up blindly clicking and solving them accidentally. The clues are there but I need to have a think about making them more obvious.

Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated and I'm glad you liked the game.

hmm how about moving the arrow to the left hand side of the square? you lose homogeneous aesthetics but it might be more understandable.

Nice thought, thanks for the suggestion!


Well, it was the perfect difficulty, I love easy games

(is it even possible to win?)


Yes, it is totally possible to win :D

I will try to make a video of some winning gameplay.


Maybe this will help

(1 edit)

Thanks! Thanks to your video I can see I had some bugs on the mouse, I thought it was part of the game ahah! I'll try on another computer


Hint: your mouse is (probably) not bugged. If your problem starts on the level labelled SLIDE BACK!, try moving the mouse in the direction indicated by the arrow instead of the direction you think it should move in 😉.

Another hint: on the levels PUSH! and PUSH BACK!, the instructions do not say CLICK! or DRAG!. How could you PUSH something using your mouse cursor?

The unexpected level of difficulty in these levels is due to human error in our state-of-the-art game production factory. Rest assured that the human responsible has been disposed of.

Oh yeah!!! finally I was able to finish your game!! Pretty clever game for non-clever humans


Nice and funky. I like it! Reminds me of a mobile game I used to play a long time ago.

Thanks! Glad you liked it. 

(1 edit)

:D black screen yay!

Some weird bug I think but if you change the zoom level in the browser or go to full screen, it should go away.

Thanks :)

It’s really fun! I like it.

Thanks a lot!

I like it ! I don't recommend trying to play it with a touchpad tho :>
The music really suits as well :D

Thanks! I have only played it with a trackpad by the way :D

Oh well, there goes my excuse :D

Actually, it's not true. I did also play it with a Wacom and that was just plain weird.